SE6700 OEM Array Imager Scan Engine

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This SE6700 OEM 2D imager scan engine combines the functionality of a bar code scanner, document scanner and camera. Two models offer different focal distances, providing a flexible reading range to meet the needs of many applications.

The 2D CMOS sensor enables high-quality data capture of bar codes, signatures, documents and other black-and-white images. The camera works with text-enhancing software to ensure the visibility of text even down to very small print. Omni-directional scanning delivers accurate capture of bar codes, regardless of presentation angle. Built-in illumination facilitates operation, whether in total darkness or bright sunlight. Multiple on-board interfaces make integration easy.

Superior image resolution
1.3-megapixel camera delivers superb image capture.

Built-in illumination
Performs in any lighting condition.

Simple Serial Interface (SSI) on Serial and SNAPI on USB
Provides advanced communications between imager and host.

Optional Software Developer Kit (SDK)
Enables rapid creation of applications using familiar development platforms Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 and XP.

2D CMOS sensor
Provides comprehensive data capture, including bar codes, signatures, documents and other black-and-white images.

Omni-directional data capture
Eliminates need to orient bar codes and images with the device.

Unique aiming frame
Ensures accurate aiming for first-time, every-time data capture.

Flexible decoder options
Plug-and-play printed circuit board (PCB) or ball grid array (BGA).

Text enhancement software
Ensures legibility of very small text.

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