SE95X OEM Laser Scan Engine

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The SE95X OEM laser scan engine raises the bar for miniature scan engines, offering optimum quality, reliability and durability. The flexible working range allows you to meet scanning needs in a wide array of applications and environments. By enabling rapid, cost-effective product development, increased productivity and reduced total cost of ownership, these scan engines give you a true competitive advantage.

The SE95X scan engine is also available as a fixed mount scanner (MS954), which allows for easier integration and lower engineering costs.

Large working range
Meets the needs of a wide range of applications for increased productivity.

Small and light scan engine
Easily optimize product designs.

100 scans per second
Scanning speed delivers aggressive performance and accurate capture of all bar codes even damaged and poor-quality.

Low power consumption
Increases battery life in portable terminals.

Bright scan line and “Aim” mode
Allows intuitive use across the entire working range.

Programmable scan angle
Provides flexibility to cost-effectively customize products for specific applications.

Meets RoHS requirements.

Die-cast zinc chassis and single-board construction
Has a shock rating of 2,000G for outstanding durability.

Liquid Polymer scan element
Eliminates friction and wear for superior reliability.

Easy to upgrade software.

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