SE12XXVHD OEM Laser Scan Engine

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The SE12xxVHD ensures robust reading of high-density bar codes and symbols with element widths as narrow as 3 to 5 millimeters. This scan engine is a great fit for applications associated with circuit-board manufacturing, small-item retail and pharmaceutical marking. The SE2223VHD scan engine is also available as a fixed mount scanner(MS22xxVHD), which allows for easier integration and lower engineering costs.

Read printed symbols with the narrowest element widths
Optimized for symbols between 3 and 5 mil, enabling high-density scanning capability in a variety of OEM devices.

Working range handles medium- and low-density codes
Delivers highest scanning performance across varying levels of density.

Compact, ergonomic design
Measuring just 1.15 cubic inch, it easily integrates into handheld or fixed-mount OEM devices.

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