SE1224HP OEM Laser Scan Engine

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The SE1224-HP integrates high-performance 1D scanning into your product. Fuzzy logic ensures premium scanning of all 1D bar codes even poorly printed or low-contrast symbols. This laser scan engine is ideal for any environment and is able to support a number of demanding applications in such industries as warehousing, shipping and receiving, clinical diagnostics, retail and manufacturing.
The SE1224HP scan engine is also available as a fixed mount scanner (MS12xx), which allows for easier integration and lower engineering costs.

Power source
Allows a choice of host power or external power supply.

High-performance reader with fuzzy logic decode capability
Premium scanning for all 1D codes, including poorly printed, damaged or low-contrast bar codes.

Versatile scanning capability
Supports new RSS symbologies in addition to standard 1D symbols.

Compact, single-board design
Optimized for quick and easy integration.

3.3V and 5V versions available
Supports extended portable applications.

Simple Serial Interface (SSI) software
Provides a migration path to other SSI scan engines with advanced features/functionality to help you keep costs to a minimum.

650-nm bright laser diode
Scan line is easy to see even in outdoor applications.

Dual-scan angle switches from standard to narrow under software control
Offers fast, accurate bar code reading on menus and pick lists.

Metal chassis
High shock rating for commercial, industrial or retail applications.

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