SE12XXALR OEM Laser Scan Engine

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With it’s extra long working range, the SE12xx-ALR helps ensure fast, accurate bar code capture from great distances, such as in multi-level warehouse environments. The bright scan line and unique “Aim” mode allows users to accurately target and capture data from as far away as 30 feet (9.1 meters). Its tolerance for a wide range of temperatures and it’s durable, shock-resistant design helps ensure optimal performance in rugged situations.

Wide working range
Enables advanced long-range scanning capability to be added to a variety of OEM devices.

Special Aim mode
Makes scanning from a distance easy and intuitive.

Bright laser diode
Scan line is easy to see and suitable for long-distance scanning.

Ideal for warehouse applications
Reads 30-mil bar codes from 2.75 ft. to 8 ft. (0.83 m to 2.4 m).

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