VX-4000 Series Mobile Radios

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The VX-4000 series mobile radios are no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Vertex Standard representative for additional information.

Vertex Standard – VX-4000 LVHF/VHF/UHF 250 Channel Mobile Radios

Built to last, built to perform under demanding environments, the VX-4000 is the radio of choice. Backlit programmable softkeys combined with a wealth of programming customizations and a large easy to read LCD display makes the VX-4000 easy to operate. Isn’t that important, when you have other duties to attend to?

Motorcycle Control Heads Available!

New remote kit specifically designed for motorcycle installations. It can be used with the VX-4000, VX-5500 or the VX-6000 mobiles. We designed the smaller size, but left in all the functionality. There are 5 top mounted function keys. Each of the function keys can be programmed to any of the available 25 functions you have become familiar with on the VX-4000/5500/6000 mobiles. The volume and channel controls have a heavy detent for secure operation. The knobs are oversized and ridged. There is also a front mounted Emergency button in the center to prevent accidental activation. There is even an embedded mic element in the front panel for Emergency activation listening (Dispatcher can here what’s going on).

Base Station Console configurations!

Did you know the VX-4000 could be configured for use as a Base Station? The BSC-5000 Base Station Console is a complete housing that will accommodate the VX-4000, VX-5500 or VX-6000 mobiles at any power level and any band.

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