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The David Clark Company is a specialized producer of two-way radio and stereo (listen only) headsets. Renowned for unsurpassed excellence in quality, design, and performance since 1935, David Clark is a top manufacturer of products in it’s respective industries. Renowed for excellence, David Clark is trusted by countless professionals just like you! Metropolitican Communications is proud to offer these fine products to you, our customer. If you need any additional information, please contact us.

David Clark Company manufactures noise attenuating headsets and adapters for use with two-way radios. (Over 300 models) Why should you use noise-attenuating headsets? Communicating in noise presents two serious problems: 1. Intelligibility is seriously reduced as noise levels rise. This adversely effects job performance and creates potentially dangerous situations. 2. Sustained exposure to high noise levels causes hearing loss. The use of noise attenuating headsets significantly reduces these hazards. For solution options and information on adapters and compatibility with other products, contact Metropolitan to take the hassle out of your research.

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