TM9155 Series P25 Mobile Radio

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Interoperable, Flexible, Configurable.

The TM9100 series (TM9155 and TM9135) offer industry-leading digital audio clarity, superb usability and are tested in a P25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP) recognized laboratory for P25 interoperability you can depend on.

The TM9100 series are designed for ultimate flexibility ready to change with you as your needs change. The TM9100s give you the flexibility of working in digital, analog and auto-sensing dual mode and can be used on analog, P25 conventional, trunked and simulcast networks.

The TM9155 mobile is specifically designed for the needs of first responders, ensuring communications are secure and configurable.

The TM9135* mobile also provides reliable digital communications for Public Safety users who require high audio clarity, but without all the possible features and configurations of the TM9155

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