SVR-200 Vehicular Repeater

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SVR 200 Single Channel Synthesized Vehicular Repeater

The Pyramid Communications model SVR-200 is a P controlled, synthesized low power vehicle repeater. It is designed to interface between a high power mobile radio and a low power handheld. If the radio operator is out of the vehicle and the mobile radio is receiving a transmission, the SVR-200 will repeat the signal to the users handheld. The user may also transmit back to the SVR-200 via their handheld, and the transmission will be repeated back to the base by the high power mobile radio, effectively extending the range of the low power handheld to that of the mobile radio.

On-board logic control by the microprocessor ensures that only one vehicle will become active as the repeater, should several vehicles arrive at the same scene. The logic also handles cases where the priority vehicle leaves the scene (or fails), or another priority vehicle arrives from another scene.

The SVR-200 remains the industry standard in Public Safety Vehicular Repeaters with a complete line of accessories to ensure you get the most from your communications system. Factory interface cables for most popular public safety mobiles, simplify installation and enhance reliability.

A complete line of filter products that eliminates interference in crossband and in-band applications. The RCS-200* allows personnel to remotely change the mobile channel from a DTMF keypad on the portable allowing seamless communications with the appropriate agencies.

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