TE-505 Staff and Guest Transmitter

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The new Apollo TE505N series of desktop staff and guest call transmitters offers the same overall features as the TE205N, but with a more durable housing and a soft rubberized keypad with bright white keys for improved visibility. The TE505N Plus adds a wider operating range. With the compact TE505N WB Plus, paging is still as easy as inputting a pager number and pressing send. The TE505N series supports the alert-only paging method (aka call-only or tone-only paging) for reliable calling without a written message. It integrates seamlessly with all Apollo simplified staff and guest call pagers, including clip-on, coaster, disk, and paddle pagers. Because it adheres to standard paging protocols, the TE505N can also alert virtually any other POCSAG pager, including full-featured alphanumerics and numerics. Other features include:

  • A rugged, compact design with a small footprint: call up to 900 pagers from a single TE505N, about half the size of a small laptop computer
  • Support for simultaneous call-by-number to an Apollo LED sign paging the pager and displaying it’s number for guest or patient call applications
  • Powerful 1 watt output (roughly equivalent to 1/2 mile coverage in unobstructed open space), for more than ample coverage in typical indoor applications (may also be paired with an Apollo repeater or amplifier where additional coverage is needed)

The TE505N brings affordable in-house paging with no recurring costs to a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Any service desk
  • Restaurants, lounges, bars, and coffee shops
  • Hotels, resorts, and casinos
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctors offices, care homes, patient or resident common areas and waiting areas)
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Automotive dealers and service centers

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