TE-300 Staff and Guest Call Transmitter

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The Apollo TE300 series of one-touch staff and guest call transmitters provide in-house paging with the push of a button. A panel of 50 backlit buttons clearly shows the status of each pager. Operation is as easy as one push to page and one push to cancel, with programmable auto page repeat and timeout. The TE300 supports the alert-only paging method (aka call-only or tone-only paging) for reliable calling of staff or guests by pager number, without a written message. It integrates seamlessly with all Apollo simplified staff and guest call pagers, including clip-on, coaster, disk, and paddle pagers. Because it adheres to standard paging protocols, the TE300 can also alert virtually any other POCSAG pager, including full-featured alphanumerics and numerics, as an alert-only page. The TE300 also supports simultaneous call-by-number to an Apollo LED sign paging the pager and displaying it’s number with a brief alphanumeric message excellent for calling guests or patients, or to add a high-visibility element to staff paging. When the TE300 is stationed where parties are asked to report after a page (such as reception or service desks), the pager status buttons make it easy to monitor and follow up on non-replies. If a party has not reported and a call has not been cleared, the TE300 can even notify a supervisor pager or Apollo LED sign with a brief programmable message. (Note: Only pages to a sign or supervisor pager are alphanumeric; pages to all other pagers are alert-only.) Other features include:

  • A rugged design with a small footprint, about the size of a small laptop or netbook, for desktop use or wall mounting (with optional wall mount kit)
  • Powerful 1 watt output (roughly equivalent to 1/2 mile coverage in unobstructed open space), for more than ample coverage in typical indoor applications (may also be paired with an Apollo repeater or amplifier where additional coverage is needed)

The TE300 brings affordable in-house paging with no recurring costs to a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Any service desk
  • Restaurants, lounges, bars, and coffee shops
  • Hotels, resorts, and casinos
  • Healthcare facilities (hospitals, doctors offices, care homes, patient or resident common areas and waiting areas)
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Automotive dealers and service centers

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