SE12XXWA OEM Laser Scan Engine

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The SE12xxWA OEM laser scan engine increases both speed and productivity. With a remarkably wide scan angle, this device is a perfect fit for your high-volume contact and near-contact scanning applications.
The “Blink” mode automatically triggers the scan engine for fast and reliable data capture, while it’s compact design allows the device to be easily integrated into both portable and fixed mount devices.

Wide scan angle of larger bar codes
Perfect for high-volume, near-contact scanning applications.

Reduced laser output power
Ideal for OEM designs requiring IEC Class I certification.

“Blink” mode for intelligent bar code reading
Automatically triggers the scan engine for fast and reliable data capture.

Compact, ergonomic design
Easily integrates into portable and fixed mount OEM devices.

Compatible with SSIs
Provides a migration path to other SSI scan engines with advanced features/functionality.

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