MiniScan MS954 Fixed Mount Bar Code Scanner

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As one of the smallest, lightest and brightest fixed-mount scanners available today, the MS954 is ideal for OEM device designs with space constraints, such as kiosks and ATMs, clinical diagnostic equipment, medical instruments, gaming devices and turnstiles/access control.

The device offers a configurable scan angle of 47 degrees and 35 degrees. The built-in RS-232 interface provides linear scanning on all types of 1D bar codes, including poorly printed and low-contrast symbols.The MS954 fixed mount scanner is also available as a scan engine (SE95X), which allows for a smaller size and lower product costs.

Versatile performance
Premium scanning on poorly printed and low-contrast 1D symbols.

Flexible decode range
Working range from near-contact to more than 35 in (88.9 cm).

Controllable 47 and 35 degree scan angle
Meets demands of most applications.

Plug-and-play and RS-232 interface
Reduces development time and speeds up time to market.

Variable controls
Software control or manual triggering allows unattended or hands-free applications.

Simple Serial Interface (SSI)
Provides fast, simple communications between scanner and host.

Adaptable decode capability
Reads all major 1D symbologies, delivering an impressive first-time read rate.

Bright laser diode
Makes scan line is easy to see.

Software developer’s kit (SDK) at no extra charge
Enables the creation of applications using familiar Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 and XP platforms.

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