NX-210G VHF Portable Two-Way Radio

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The new NX-210K2 portable is the latest addition to the NEXEDGE lineup – designed specifically for users preferring a mid-size platform with a larger keypad. The NX-210K2 has the same NXDN digital, analog, LCD display, PF key capabilities and transmit/receive specifications as the NX-200 and comes standard with a DTMF encoder with large backlit keys ideal for applications requiring frequent text messaging, selective signaling or interconnect. Kenwood’s NEXEDGE portable models now come standard with internal GPS functionality. “NX-G-models” feature a built-in GPS module for NEXEDGE or FleetSync (analog) location applications. “NX-G-Models” still feature NEXEDGE conventional and trunking technology featuring 6.25 kHz digital narrowband operation, meeting the needs of private enterprise and public sectors today and in the future.

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