TK-2200/3200 UHF & VHF Portable Two-Way Radios

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The all-new 200 Series UHF & VHF portable two-way radios begin a new tradition of durability, features, and function for professional-grade job site communications.These new portables are compact, with brand-new ergonomics for comfortable user operation and control. The 2 Watt transmitter and precise receiver design make these radios perfect for on-site or in-building use for construction, retail, hospitality, warehousing, and rental fleets. The 200 Series includes a progressive feature set that is unmatched in this radio category, including several innovations such as wireless cloning, channel voice announcement, FleetSync PTT ID, and multiple signaling formats. The TK-2200/3200s, like all Kenwood radios, have excellent transmit/receive audio, will operate 18 hours on a fully charged battery, and have a wide operating bandwidth of 20 MHz UHF and 24 MHz VHF.

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