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The Apollo ALA05 Light-Up Coaster Pager (formerly also known as the model 360), is ideal for simple and straightforward guest notification, with special features to accommodate a wide variety of in-house paging environments.

Features include:

  • Simple alert-only paging with any combination of beep, vibe, and LED flash notification
  • High-visibility alerts with a housing that lights up during pages with 14 internal LEDs excellent for any environment that is noisy, quiet, or dimly lit, ranging from hotels, restaurants, lounges, and bars to healthcare waiting areas, where audible alerts may be insufficient (or inappropriate)
  • Spill-resistant, one-piece top and sides
  • Low profile rubberized feet for secure tabletop use and stack charging
  • A recessed top surface (2-5/8? diamater) for beverages and easy brand personalization (all pagers ship with a peel-and-stick navy blue and gold star logo)
  • Immediate notification of incoming pages with no user action
  • Always-on design to help prevent accidental shut off by guests or staff the pager can only be powered off via over-the-air command or insertion to a charging base
  • An out-of-range indicator to help ensure constant communication
  • Aldelo-certified for integration with Aldelo POS systems
  • Power from 2 standard NiMH rechargeable AAA batteries, easily replaceable

Designed for use with a charging base for storing and charging up to 15 coasters (stacked). When ordering, choose any model with a frequency or range that matches your paging frequency.

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