924 Alpha Numeric Pager

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The unique AL924S alphanumeric pager features a 4-line LCD display that is as large as those of most full-size pagers, but in a compact form factor that is nearly half the overall size.

Features include:

  • Power from a single AAA alkaline battery (plus lithium backup battery)
  • Operates as either narrowband or wideband (selectable via programming software)
  • A holographically-enhanced 4-line LCD (zoomable to 2 lines) for improved definition and clarity, paired with power-saving dual frontlights
  • 3 multi-function navigation buttons for easy access and scrolling through messages and menus
  • The same durable polycarbonate plastic housing as larger pagers

When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that includes your paging frequency. This version of the AL924 can operate as either narrowband or wideband. Available in black, red, silver, or yellow. Black housing features black button keys; all other housings have gray button keys.

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