XT3 Series Lighting

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Designed as auxiliary or secondary warning lights, these units provide high performance in compact sizes. Design Features:

  • Clear Lens with Red, Blue, Amber, Green or White LEDs
  • Black Bezel Standard. Chrome Optional (sold separately)
  • Shock and Water Resistant, Potted Circuit Board
  • Directional Optics
  • Attached Mounting Bracket on XT302, XT304
  • Synchronized Flash Pattern Standard
  • XT3: 12 Flash Patterns
  • XT302: 22 Flash Patterns
  • XT304: 31 Flash Patterns
  • XT302, XT304: Available in One and Two Color Combinations
  • XT3CHMBZ Optional Chrome Bezel for Single Head XT3
  • XT3 Available with Rubber Bezel

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