VX-800 Series Portable Radio

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The VX-800 series portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Vertex Standard representative for additional information. Vertex Standard – VX-800 200 Channel 5W VHF/UHF Portable Radios. VX-800 Public Safety Series portables are feature packed, yet simple to operate. With 200 Channel capability, advanced user definable scan programs and utilizing Lithium-Ion battery technology, the VX-800 Public Safety portables are the obvious choice for Police, Fire, EMS and Disaster Response applications. Manufactured to strict ISO 9002 and MIL-STD specifications, the VX-800 Public Safety Series portables will perform in the most critical and demanding situations. 200 Channel Capacity200 channels too much? You don’t need to program them all. Program 15 channels, 15 channels show up. Do you need 100 channels? No problem. The channels can be easily arranged in Groups for easier recall. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Area 1, Area 2, etc. Any number of channels can be entered in each group. Grouping makes it easier to get from channel 2 to channel 42! Also, each group can be labeled with an 8 character alphanumeric tag for easy recognition! Wide or Narrow Band Programmable per ChannelNeed to communicate with different agencies in different bandwidths? Maybe within the same agency some channel are narrow while other are wide. No problem! With the VX-800, each channel is designated as narrow or wide. Easy. No modifications. Make the transition from wide to narrow with ease. Now and into the future! Additional Noise Canceling Mic Element built In!Additional? Yes, the VX-800 contains an additional mc element specifically to be used to reduce background noise and provide clear, loud transmit audio. The additional mic element can be found on the bottom of the VX-800 footprint. It gathers audio from the surrounding noise sources. This audio is inverted and added to the front mounted mic element. This electronic canceling of the surrounding noise means we can keep a full range mic element at the front of the radio. This provides for clear, full audio range transmit audio with background noise canceled out. Birdies?Tired of looking for your frequencies in the “can not use” lists from other manufacturers?Vertex Standard has built in an automatic feature that will eliminate any internal birdie! If the CPU detects that an operating frequency might be affected by an internally generated birdie, the radio automatically shifts the frequency of the offending crystal very slightly. This removes the birdied without moving it to another channel! Think about that the next time you’re comparing radios. Why have frequencies that cannot be used?

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