VX-3200LTR Series Mobile Radio

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The VX-3200LTR series mobile radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Vertex Standard representative for additional information. Vertex Standard – VX-3200 Higher Powered Trunking Mobile Radios. Designed with the every day business and industry user in mind, the VX-3200 LTR Trunking mobile includes many sought after features in a rugged, durable chassis that has been tested to Mil-Spec standards far and above other radios in it’s class. Its easy to see why the VX-3200 radio is the right choice. The smart choice. More PowerOur proven VX-2500 LTR has had a boost in power. If you have been looking for a proven LTR Mobile at a higher power level, the VX-3200 is the choice. With 45 Watts on UHF and 50 Watts on VHF, the VX-3200 is the right radio when maximum output power is not negotiable. Alpha-Numeric DisplayThe 8-digit Alpha-numeric display allows quick channel identification by the user, and is easy to read from a wide range of viewing angles. Voice CompandingFor narrow-band channel applications, the built-in Audio Companding system compresses the voice waveform during transmission, and expands it during reception, allowing full-sounding audio despite the restricted transmission bandwidth. Programmable Function ButtonsCustom assignment of important functions to front panel keys is available at the time of programming, to provide the most ergonomically-friendly transceiver available today. Emergency ModeWhen activated, the “Emergency” feature sends out the DTMF ANI, and cycles between transmit and receive, to serve as an emergency beacon to alert the dispatcher as to the need for immediate aid. Expanded MemoryWith 32 systems and 250 Groups, the VX-3200 is scalable to meet your system now and as you grow.

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