VX-1210 Series HF Transceiver

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The VX-1210 series HF transceiver is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Vertex Standard representative for additional information. Rugged, Portable HF Manpack Radio Light Weight, High-Capacity Lithium Ion BatteryIncludes 14.8 V Lithium-Ion battery with RX/TX battery saver option that lasts up to 24 hours in receive mode and up to 10 hours in standard SSB operation. Integral Noise BlankerImproves operation in high noise and areas with significant interference. The noise blanker enhances intelligibility in the presence of vehicular ignition noise and other sources of RF generated impulse noise. Automatic Antenna TuningWith the optional ATU-1210 installed, simply press and hold the assigned toggle switch to initiate automatic antenna tuning for whip antennas.

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