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The Apollo VP220 is a unique, 4 x 2 channel voice pager based on the popular VP200Pro1.

The VP220 Adds:

  • 4 independent, user-selectable Profiles, enabling the VP220 to function as four different 2-channel pagers in one.
  • Each profile features 2 completely independent channel frequencies (8 channel frequencies in total) and can be configured with virtually any combination of selective call, scan, and monitor modes (4 modes per Profile), as well as independent alert preferences;
  • A holographically-enchanced LCD provides clear visual confirmation of all functions and recorded messages, as well as call ID custom programmable text aliases to identify each received call.

Combined with 24 total call addresses, the VP220 is the ideal choice for users with multiple roles, or for organizations that require easy redeployment of pagers without the unnecessary complications of full reprogramming with a PC.

Features Include:

  • Dedicated function and volume knobs for easy switching between channels, modes, and volume levels;
  • Rubberized, secure-grip sides for improved handleability in both dry and wet conditions;
  • Standard AAA NiMH batteries, field-swappable for standard AAA alkaline batteries when AC power or a charger is unavailable;
  • 8 minutes stored voice, standard on all models, with programmable Squelch Control Record Method to help minimize the annoyance of channel noise during broadcasting pauses while in Selective Call mode;
  • Heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic housing rated IP54 for dust and water protection;
  • Switchable between narrowband and wideband operation with a simple programming setting;
  • 100% of pager components available as spare parts.

When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that includes your channel frequencies. The standard quick charge cradle may be upgraded to an amplified charger which also features relay, audio, and antenna jacks. Available in all black or black with red knobs, grips, buttons, and trim.

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