TW-511 Single Radio Access Point

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The TW-511 leverages the telephone-grade wire already in the walls of your building to deliver high-speed in-room Wi-Fi via this VDSL2 system. Easily installed, this affordable option saves you time and money while providing a superior wireless experience for your guests. AN IDEAL SOLUTION FOR HOTELS, CAMPUSES, AND MOREThe TW-511 pulls from the telephone-grade wire in your walls and uses standard VDSL2 as well as Zebras own patented Line Power over VDSL to conveniently deliver wireless LAN. The unit is designed to be invisible in your guest room as it covers the phone jack to blend with the wall. Installation is rapid, repeatable a simple implementation with minimal maintenance. “SET IT AND FORGET IT” TECHNOLOGYOnce installed, the unit configures automatically and can be fully managed remotely from DLS, Ethernet, and even via operating power on the VDSL2 switch in your central wiring closet. This switch constantly monitors and optimizes the RF environment in real-time for best performance. Once installed, you wont have to worry about on-going maintenance, updates, tweaks, and outages on a room-by-room basis. OPERATE UNDER WING 5 MANAGEMENTYoull also enjoy extended WiNG 5 management visibility from your Ethernet network to your phone wired networks. Since the TW-511 is part of the T5 product family, it can be managed via your WiNG Controller as part of a large mixed-device network.

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