TK-2170 / 3170 VHF/UHF FM Portable Two-Way Radios

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Compact Design:
Compact enough to carry anywhere with ease, this smart new radio has a distinctively ergonomic form that’s handy to hold and operate.

Enhanced Kenwood Audio:
The TK-2170/3170 provides loud, clear audio even in noisy environments.

128 Channels / 128 Zones:
The convenient 128 channel/128 zone capability accommodates virtually any current or future capacity requirement for single or multiple site radio systems.

LTR Trunking Zones (UHF Only):
The TK-3170 operates on LTR trunking systems with UHF frequency range. It offers a maximum of 128 zones per radio and 250 groups IDs per zone.

8-Character LCD Display:
The backlit LCD with 8-character, 13 segment aliases and icons provides an easy-to-read channel, function and FleetSync messaging display day or night.

Battery Status Indicator:
For extra convenience, a 4-step battery status indicator notifies the user immediately of the amount of charge remaining by visual indication (icons) or tone alert.

Robust and Reliable:
The TK-2170/3170 is built to survive the hard knocks, drops and all weather environments of it’s users. It meets or exceeds the stringent IP54/55 dust and water intrusion standards and the MILSTD 810 C, D, E & F environmental standards including the demanding “driven rain” test.

* MIL-STD/IP54/55 compatibility requires use of the terminal cover supplied with the SP-Mic.

FleetSync: PTT ID, Selcall and Emergency:
KENWOOD’s FleetSync digital signaling system includes PTT ID digital ANI for instant radio call identification and Emergency status for personnel safety. FleetSync also includes status messaging, selective calling and short/long text dispatch messaging features. Emergency Calling notifies a dispatcher of personnel in distress by activation of an orange colored emergency key.

QT/DQT, DTMF and 2-Tone Signaling:
In addition to FleetSync, the TK-2170/3170 includes industry standard signaling formats: QT/DQT, 2-Tone (encode/decode) can be utilized for talk groups, system access and selective calling. DTMF permits DTMF PTT ID, telephone interconnect operation, individual/group selective calling and remote radio disable/enable (remote stun).

Multi-channel call monitoring can be customized for users with single/multi-zone scan and delete/add scan features. Priority Scan automatically checks a primary channel for activity while receiving a call on a non-priority channel. Convenience features such as Priority-channel Stop Tone, Temporary Delete, and Revert Channel Display facilitate user-friendly operation and eliminate confusion.

Wide Battery Selection:
The TK-2170/3170 offers a lightweight Li-Ion battery (KNB-24L/35L), ideal for low-temperature environments; a durable Ni-Cd battery (KNB-25A); and a powerful Ni-MH battery (KNB-26N) for extra-long life.

Voice Inversion Scramble:
The built-in voice inversion scrambler provides basic protection against casual eavesdropping.

Easy Option Port (20-PIN):
KENWOOD’s plug-in option port makes the compatible after-market board installation quick and simple.

VOX Ready:
The TK-2170/3170 offers convenient hands-free operation with a compatible headset. The TK-2170/3170 internal VOX (voice-operated transmission) circuitry provides automatic PTT and a 10-level sensitivity adjustment for different ambient noise levels.

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