Symbol CS1504 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

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The CS1504 bar code scanner has compact, go-anywhere design that allows it to fit into a purse or onto a keychain. This shopping buddy can scan bar codes from print ads, catalogs or merchandise and then make purchases or shopping lists that can be viewed online.

Using the device is simple: just point, click and scan. It captures and stores up to 150 codes and can be used to shop from a web kiosk or to send items or inquiries. These features make this device ideal for gift registry applications and preferred customer incentives.

Small, lightweight, ergonomic design
Fits onto a key chain, easily carried in pocket or purse

Easy and intuitive use
Means the user just points, clicks, and scans

Real-time clock
Each bar code is stamped with time and date to assist with data mining or organizing specific tasks

Non-volatile memory
Retains scanned data even when batteries are removed or lose power

RS-232 and USB connectivity
Easily connects to legacy and newer host systems by simple cable switch

Special Features:

  • Scan and Delete buttons add or delete data
  • Data Protection Mode locks Scan button to prevent accidental deletion or addition of data
  • Disable Delete Function disables the Delete button via host command

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