SS2000 Smart Siren

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Federal Signal’s SmartSystem-LMS load management system and the SmartSiren(SS2000-C31) combines vehicular voltage control with technologically advanced sirenand light control capability. Using microprocessors and state-of-the-art design, thispowerful system includes all the features you need into one ultra compact package.Modular SystemThe system consists of a control head and a separate power control/amplifier unit.The control head features a four-position slide switch for quick activation of sirenand light warning functions. In addition, there are 17 lighted push-buttons for loadmanagement, SignalMaster control, and accessory functions. Load managementfunctions can be programmed using the push-buttons.Superior FunctionalityBoth the SmartSystem-LMS and the SS2000-C31 SmartSiren use eight relay outputsto perform load shedding in response to a low battery voltage condition. Any timeeither of these units sheds a load or detects low voltage from the battery, an audiblebeep or series of beeps will sound to notify the user that the system has been activated.The low voltage alarm is pre-set at the factory for your convenience and can be simplydisabled through system programming. The load shedding and/or power functions canbe disabled through programming, if desired.The electronic siren and light control features of this system are identical to theFederal Signal SmartSiren (SS2000SM) with SignalMaster control. The SmartSirenis the most technologically advanced siren system available. SmartSystem-LMS andthe SS2000-C31 SmartSiren offers standard siren tones (wail, yelp, hi-lo, priority,and manual) and several advanced features, such as horn ring transfer, radiorebroadcast, and PA.

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