Solex Light Bar

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Solex incorporates a modern, cutting-edge design that is both aerodynamic in appearance and performance, providing all the capabilities and more from the leader in innovative emergency lighting. Benefits:

  • Second level that allows for additional massive takedown lighting, additional flashing or steady burn warning lights, a 100-watt speaker with no loss of rear warning light capability, traffic emitters, and other potential warning or add-on devices.
  • Aerodynamic shape and styling maximize vehicle performance as well as matches the contours of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles
  • SIRIS LED lightheads are designed for usage with a central controller board or can flash independently, depending on your requirements
  • Aluminum frame and lighthead mounting platform are designed for heavy duty use and vibration, exceeding the requirements for SAE, CA T13 or European testing standards.
  • Lens caps protect internal components from UV degradation, easily shed water, ice or snow and provide aerodynamic shape
  • Thick, heavy duty lower lenses are designed for exceptional wear life

Design Features:

  • Full featured and customizable lightbar with 9-Up SIRIS LED single color lightheads
  • Central controller driven lightheads or independent flashing lightheads
  • Red, Blue, Amber, White, or Green LEDs
  • LIT3 Mounting Feet standard
  • Black upper lens caps standard
  • Blue or Red upper lens caps optional (Amber Coming Soon!)
  • Clear lower lens standard
  • Blue, Red, or Amber lower lens (special order)
  • Dimming mode (CC lightbars only)

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