Series 4000 Communications Control Systems

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The Series 4000 is a communication control system designed for medium-sized communications centers. In addition to exceptional reliability, the Series 4000 offers easy programming and economical upgrades. Unique Series 4000 capabilities include CRT based operator positions, trunked radio compatibility, and an integrated instant recall recorder that captures radio traffic on each channel. Featuring three styles of operating positions and two common controller sizes, a Series 4000 system can be economically scaled to accommodate from 8 to 48 channels and from 1 to 16 operator positions.

The Series 4000 supports full-featured pc-based, desktop, and rackmount radio dispatch console positions. Any combination of these operator position options may serve on the same Series 4000 Common Controller.

Model 4018

The Model 4018 Desktop Console is ideal for positions that require access to a limited number of channels or for backup emergency operation centers.

  • Desktop console
  • Up to 10 channels
  • 90 buttons

Models 4118/4115

The Model 4118 Dispatch Console and Model 4115B Console Expander provide a modular, rack-mountable solution.

  • Rackmount console
  • Up to 24 channels
  • Up to 180 buttons


The IntegratorRD workstation is comprised of IntegratorRD radio dispatch software, a host computer, monitor, and a Model 4217 audio panel. IntegratorRD provides color-coded graphic displays that provide essential information clearly and concisely to minimize the operator’s workload and ensure complete control. The audio panel provides select and unselect speakers, an LCD display, system controls, a paging encoder, and an optional integrated gooseneck microphone. One-touch channel group operation supports multiple selects, transmits, and patches.

  • Video display console
  • Up to 48 channel
  • Up to 180 buttons
  • Trunked radio control

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