Paging Data Terminal

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The PDT2000 Paging Data Terminal is a multi-function paging device capable of receiving messages and displaying them on a large (130 x 40mm) graphical LCD display. It is also able to print messages direct to a parallel printer or output the message data via 1 or 2 serial ports. The PDT may also be fitted with up to four relay control outputs internally or may interface with the RCM2000 Relay Control Module for multiple relay control.

Other options include an inbuilt pocsag paging encoder for repeater or rebroadcast applications and other specialized serial data inputs and outputs for control of devices such as LED signs.

The PDT2000 is also available in a ruggedized version for harsh environments such as mounting on forklifts for in-plant messaging and dispatch.

Note: all models are now produced with the blue/white LCD display.

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