Omega 3000

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The Unitrol Omega offers exceptional utility and reliability. The model UM3000 controller can operate your vehicle’s horn circuit, one warning light or headlight flasher, Manual, Wail, Yelp Override siren tones, and Sweep mode from a single toggle switch. The model U90 amplifier, used with Omega controllers, is compact and versatile enough to be used on any vehicle from car to motorcycle to boat. The U90 can operate one or two 58-watt or 100-watt speakers. Omega Model UM3000 is an undercover light/siren controller. Omega Model U90 is a universal PA amplifier. Siren features eight user-selectable sounds.Compact controller is air bag friendly.Automatic Component Protection prevents siren damage if a speaker shorts.Attention-getting Sweep mode automatically cycles the siren through as many as seven siren tones.

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