MR6 LED Lightheads

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Thin, low profile exterior light with black powder coated metal housing using TIR optical technology coupled with (6) high powered LEDs providing exceptional straight-on and off-angle performance. Benefits:

  • Surface Mount, Flush Mount and Hood Mount allow mounting virtually anywhere on your vehicle
  • Multiple Flash Patterns with sychronized capabilities allowing Ultimate Flash Pattern Flexibility
  • High powered, water resistant, compact LEDs with TIR Optic Technology provide exceptional straight on and off-angle performance

Design Features:

  • TIR Optic LED Lightheads
  • (6) High Powered LEDs in Red, Blue, Amber, or White
  • Split Models available in R/B, R/W, B/W, B/A, A/W colors
  • 13 User Selectable Flash Patterns including Steady Burn
  • Sychronous Capabilities with other MR6 Lights
  • Simultaneous or Alternating Flashing

Standard Options:

  • Available in Surface, Hood or Flush Mount (with grommet) Configurations
  • (2) screw mounting holes for surface and flush mount
  • Hood Mount can be mounted (3) different ways: (1) two fastener, clamping style (no holes need to be drilled); (2) through hole; and (3) double sided-tape

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