Model 1732 RTU

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The M1732 is Zetron’s most powerful Remote Terminal Unit. It is typically used for large or complex sites. Communication between the M1732 RTUs and the Control Program can be via cellular phone, PSTN, radio, or wireline.The Model 1732 has expandable inputs and outputs – up to 32 interface cards with up to 16 of any one type – Analog I/O, Digital I/O, and Relay Output. This modular architecture ensures that the M1732 can handle current Input/Output requirements with an upgrade path to a maximum of 445 I/O points.The M1732 includes user-programmable control logic for PLC functionality. Control logic gives M1732 RTUs “ladder logic” functionality for pump rotation, emergency comm fail procedures, and other operations based on local inputs and outputs. In the event of a communications failure, the M1732 can operate in a failsafe mode and execute predefined local control.A Windows-based configuration utility simplifies RTU setup. Configurations are uploaded directly, by telephone, or over-the-air.

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