L3 Flashback3 HD In-Car Video Recording

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The L3 FlashbackHD system provides the ultimate video capture solution. The new streamlined camera is highlighted with a 70 degree field of view, allowing you the ability to capture a wider area of evidence while our high definition video technology provides for the maximum level of detailed images. This revolutionary camera can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing video to be captured inside or out of the vehicle. Equipped with our exclusive Nite-Watch technology, the camera intuitively highlights objects in shadowed areas and prevents glare from headlights providing the ultimate experience in high definition. Simply the Best Solution from the Most Experienced Public Safety Company in the World.Want to learn more about this product and grill an L-3 mobile-vision representative? Fill out the form below and someone will give you a call ASAP! Smooth And Easy System IntegrationThe FlashbackHD system is compatible with all Flashback products and can seamlessly integrate with all back office software. As the First Choice of First Responders, L-3 Mobile-Vision understands the importance behind the decision for your mobile video needs. In todays digital age, L-3 Mobile-Vision produces a solution that essentially eliminates all manual intervention, from the capture of video all the way through transferring and storing it.The Flashback3 system is designed for agencies of all sizes in which we will work to understand all your needs in order to provide a solution that will equip your agency with the best technology possible. Highlights:

  • No moving parts
  • Five Cameras Supported
  • SD Memory Card Storage
  • Consumes Up To 80% Less Power Than Other Digital Recorders
  • Automated File Transfer
  • Pre-Event Recording For Up To 60 Seconds

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