HighLighter LED Mini-Light Bar

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Federal Signal’s HighLighter mini-lightbar, provides high performance warning powernever seen before in a lightbar of this size. The HighLighter is ideal for volunteers,compact and utility vehicles, ambulances and large vehicles.Models 450112 and 452112 feature two highly polished parabolic reflectors whichrotate at 95 flashes per minute producing 80,000 candelas each. The 450112 usesa standard diagonal mirror between two 55-watt halogen rotators to create morethan 285 flashes per minute. The 452112 has a standard diamond mirror betweentwo 55-watt halogen rotators creating more than 380 flashes per minute.Model 451112 features 175 flash per minute rotators producing 80,000 candelasand 525 flashes per minute.Model 452142 and 452412 include four powerful magnets attached to the baseand a factory installed 10′ power cord with cigarette plug.All models, except the magnetic mount versions, come with 1.5 feet of 16GA.stranded copper PVC-insulated wiring.With the HighLighter mini-lightbar, color customization is quick and easy. A domecover kit, model DCK, is available in five colors including black. The DCK kit easilyfastens to the molded insert in the middle of the dome. By using the dome coverkit, you can easily create a bar with amber flashing to the rear, red flashing to thefront, and primary rotators in the color of your choice. Lens covers, part numberSPL2, fit over rotators and are also available in four colors.

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