Gigabit Point to Point Wireless Solutions

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Inter-building LAN extensions, server centralization, remote data storage & backup, redundant fiber overlays and disaster recovery. Applications include all major industries and specialized markets, from law enforcement to internet service providers. Contact Metropolitan Communications for furthur details.

With today’s ever-increasing demand for high-bandwidth data and low-latency VoIP applications, corporate enterprises have a growing need to bridge network connectivity amongst multiple buildings and sites. Within a business campus, across the street or across town, enterprises are finding that BridgeWave links offer fiber-equivalent capacity, reliability and security, without the costs and delays often associated with inter-building fiber optic cable deployments. The ability to deploy full GigE speed wireless connections allows enterprises to centralize servers within a single facility, reducing costs and simplifying server management. GigE wireless links also allow enterprises to connect to network operator fiber backbones, making it possible to outsource applications and provide offsite backup, while still running at full GigE LAN speeds.

BridgeWave Value Proposition
BridgeWave’s 60 GHz and 80 GHz links offer ten times the bandwidth of comparably-priced lower-frequency license-free and licensed-band wireless links, while providing superior interference immunity and data security. BridgeWave offers a true wireless substitute for fiber optic cables that can be deployed quickly and at substantial cost savings.

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