ES400 Enterprise Smartphone

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The difference between action item and action taken!

Does your mobile workforce live in a world where informationand the ability to act on itis spread across multiple devices? The Motorola ES400 is a cutting-edge mobile ES400 Enterprise Smartphone that transforms mobile managers and task workers from informed to truly empowered by giving them the tools and access to critical enterprise-class applications they need to complete any job, anywhere. Instead of pushing information at your workers, give them what they need to take action when and where it matters – in front of your customers.

Always-on Access to Enterprise Applications:
Get real-time accessto critical backend systems and the ability to interact with applications that provide the latest information, enable updates and relay critical data. Plus, a 600 MHz processor and a micro-SD card slot that supports up to 32GB of additional memory.

One-Click Data Capture:
Empowers mobile workers to capture photos, videos, and barcodes and documents instantlyrecording vital information that used to be scribbled downor missed entirely. Snap it, tag it and act on it.

Switchable 3G Networks:
An industry first: dual 3.5G broadband WAN connects flexibly to both GSM and CDMA networks. Deploy a single pool of devices anywhere in the world on virtually any network. With the appropriate service plans, users can easily toggle between networks.

Customizable Enterprise UI:
User interface tailored for the enterprise empowers mobile workers to put the applications and functions they use most right at their fingertips. Faster, easier access to what’s really important, to maximize workflow efficiency.

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