E-Pager 903 Numeric Pager

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The compact Apollo AL903 E-Pager Basic (formerly also known as the model VB25) is a more cost-minded version of the Light-Up E-Pager, without the light-up housing, LED range indicator, or internal mercury switch. It is ideal for simple and straightforward notification of staff or guests.

Features include:

  • Support for three paging methods: alert-only paging (simple beep/vibe/LED notification with no written message), numeric paging, or canned alphanumeric paging (with 10 programmable/customizable phrases and 40 pre-programmed phrases, each triggered by a phrase number during paging)
  • A compact, clip-on design to help minimize pager loss or misplacement, attaching easily and securely to belts, pockets, bags, straps, or vehicle visors, without unnecessary bulk
  • Virtually hands-free operation with immediate display of all incoming pages with no user action
  • Always-on design: the pager can only be powered off via over-the-air command
  • Power from a standard AAA battery

Pagers may be used with or without the optional 25-pager docking cradle (passive and without the mercury switch on/off control used for the Light-Up E-Pager series). When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that matches your paging frequency.

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