CP110 MURS Portable Two-Way Radio

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The CP110 MURS portable radio is no longer manufactured, however accessories and replacement parts may be available. Please contact your Motorola representative for additional information.

What is the MURS Frequency Band?

The MURS frequency band consist of five VHF shared frequencies designated for private, two-way, short-distance voice or data communications for personal or business activities within the United States for which no individual station licenses are required. There is no frequency coordination or license requirement for the use of radio transceivers on MURS frequencies. These channels are available for use on a shared basis by the general public. While there is no licensing requirement for MURS operation, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) does define Authorized MURS Frequencies Bandwidth certain rules and regulations related to the use of radio transmitters on MURS frequencies. These rules are identified within Part 95 under Title 47 of the US Code of Federal Regulations. The CP110m deliver the simplicity and cost savings from not requiring frequency coordination and licensing. These units provide businesses with the ability to deploy a common radio configuration across multiple locations which may have otherwise been assigned different frequencies due to regional frequency constraints/availability, thus greatly simplifying radio procurement and deployment.

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