CommandStik Light Bar



The CommandStik with Torus LED Technology is an interior lighting system that fits in the rear deck area of police vehicles. Now available as a Build-Your-Own option with Red, Blue, Amber, White, and Green LEDs! Benefits:

  • Interior rear deck or window lighting with Torus LED technology designed with ArrowStik (traffic advisor) functionality. Great for the new PI Utility vehicles!
  • Universally designed to fit inside the rear window of many police vehicles
  • Simple operationdesigned to operate using standard on/off switching or siren/light control system, such as the RLS or Z3. It does not require a dedicated controller

Design Features:

  • (8) Bright Torus 3-up LED Lightheads
  • Select an 8-Head Amber ArrowStik or a 6-Head Amber ArrowStik with Red or Blue Flashing Ends
  • Red, Blue, Amber, White, and Green LEDs Available
  • Standard ArrowStik (traffic advisor) Flash Patterns
  • Universal Mounting Brackets

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