AeroDynic Model 25RQl-FAST

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The Federal Signal AeroDynic family of lightbars provides brilliant light warning power in the famous AeroDynic design. These lightbars are available in four different sizes and are easily customized to fit your specific needs. With our new independent rotators, we have maximized output and minimized amperage draw. AeroDynic model 25RQl-FAST is a 52″ lightbar and includes: (2) 95 and (2) 175 flashes per minute rotators and (2) cascade mirrors. Features: Powerful warning light with design flexibility. 80,000 candela independent halogen rotators. Low amperage draw with maximum light output. Approvals All rotating lights meet the SAE J845 specification. All flashing lights meet the SAE J595 specification. The “Cal” steady burn meets the Class B specification.

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