8525 G2 Vehicle-Mounted Computer

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Take ruggedness to new extremes. The arctic cold chain, merciless ports, unforgiving container yards and busy warehouses. The 8525 G2 vehicle-mounted computer is more than tough enough to withstand the violent shock and vibration that are daily fare in these extreme environments. The 8525 G2 also delivers intelligence and insight where it’s needed most at the mobile workers fingertips.

Too rugged for their own good
The 8525 G2 takes ruggedness to new extremes, operating comfortably at temperatures between -22F to 140F (-30C to 60C). Thanks to heated components and exceptional sealing, the 8525 G2 can handle the heavy condensation that occurs when driving from a cold warehouse to a warm receiving dock. They’ve earned an IP66 rating, so you never worry about dust or moisture causing downtime.

The tech package
The 8525 G2 is Microsoft Windows based, so integration and application development couldn’t be simpler. So when your business expands, the technology is ready and waiting to expand with you.

The heart of the powerhouse
The 8525 G2 is designed with the experience of four generations of vehicle-mounted computers. The wide-range 10-90V power supply allows installation on any truck without the need for pre-regulators, additional power supplies, filters or additional cost. With the 8525 G2’s optional internal backup battery, the vehicle-mounted computer will still run while the truck power is down.

Screen envy
The 8525 G2 boasts an impressive half VGA 8.8″ (640 x 240) color touchscreen display, so workers never need to squint again.

Keyboard options
The 8525 G2 has an integrated keyboard, available in a variety of formats all with 10 dedicated function keys.

Don’t forget the housing
The 8525 G2 housing is made from powder-coated magnesium that delivers a greater strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum or steel. Super-rugged performance at the weight of plastics.

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