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The 5100 Series multi-protocol portable radio is a high tiered, high specification computer with a portable radio module. Designed for Public Safety User by Public Safety Users to meet the changing needs of Federal, State and Local Government users, as well as industrial and public service applications. With forward, backward and multiple protocol compatibility, the 5100 portable radio allows communications on Project 25 Trunking and Conventional radio systems, SMARTNET II and SmartZone Trunked radio systems, Multi-Net trunking systems, and conventional analog radio communication systems.

APCO Project 25 Compatible – Trunked and Conventional
SMARTNET and SmartZone
Analog/Digital Radio

The industry’s only interoperable portable combines an RF module with a high-performance computer processor offering the end user a multi-protocol portable. EFJohnson designed this innovative portable by asking radio users what they wanted in performance, usage, and features. The result is strong lightweight magnesium casting with ergonomic polycarbonate housing. Whether you need a radio to perform on a single protocol system or part of many systems with different protocols, the 5100 is your solution. Simple ramp switch selection allows you to change from one system protocol to another. Available in VHF, UHF, and 800 bands, the 5100 serves the federal, state and local government users as well as industrial and public service customers. Finally, the 5100 is sophisticated enough to allow transitioning from analog to digital and vice versa.Multiple Protocol Compatibility:- Project 25 CAI (Common Air Interface) allows users the capability of communicating with other Project 25 compatible radio equipment. The 5100 supports Project 25 trunked and conventional communications, as well as Motorola Astro trunking.
– SMARTNET II and SmartZone Trunking Protocols are supported on the Series 5100 portable.
– Multi-Net Trunked communications is supported on the Series 5100 portable.

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