450-512 MHz – 2-Way Signal Booster – Stainless Steel – 85 lbs.

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TX RX Systems Inc. first developed the signal booster (aka Bi-Directional Amplifier) in the late 1970’s. Since then, the product line has grown to accommodate most Public Safety and commercial applications in the 132-940 MHz range. Taking a modular approach, configured systems are easily accommodated by the proper selection of standard amplifier and filter blocks to meet the requirement. Output Level Control (OLC) effectively reduces the gain when input signal levels become too great. This standard feature insures that the signal booster remains linear and therefore maintains it’s certified output characteristics. Unique filter solutions enable use of these signal boosters in harsh RF environments. The newest addition to the TX RX Systems Inc. offering is the 900 MHz, one-way paging signal booster. As required by the FCC, all TX RX Systems Inc. Signal Boosters are certified. Please consult the factory for any special requirements.

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