21.6400 60 Watt 4 Hide-A-Way Strobe Light Kit

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Increase visibility. Reduce your risk of accident. Add the impact of CometFlash strobe lighting to your vehicle. “Hide-A-Way” strobe lamps provide powerful stand alone warning protection for the unmarked cruiser and adds another level of lighting safety for marked vehicles. Smallest strobe lamp assembly available.The hide away kit includes Whelen's CSP660 6-outlet, 60 watt power supply, 4 clear HA239 hide-a-way strobe tubes and 4 15' strobe cables, screws, and connectors. The power supply has 10 flash patterns. CometFlash, Triple, Double, Rapid, Action, Moduflash, Microburst I, Microburst II, Microburst III & LongBurst.

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